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Top 5 Travel Destinations for Muslims in 2017 (Vacations)

For Muslims 2016 was another year of worsening Islamophobia, with the increase in popularity of far right movements in Europe and culminating in the election of Donald Trump on a blatant anti-Muslim platform.However, even in these testing times, there remain many countries that still value Muslim tourists, some even promoting themselves as  halal tourism  destinations. Listed below are

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Flying While Muslim - Thanksgiving Edition (Vacations)

5 Tips to Ensure You Make it Home for the Holidays. Even the most optimistic American Muslim would have to admit that this has not been a good week. We have heard plans to register all Muslims in the US, close down mosques, deny entry into the US for Muslim refugees, comparison of Muslim refugees to rabid dogs and lies peddled about Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11. At times like

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5 Muslim Friendly Countries for an Awesome Honeymoon (Vacations)

We are currently in the thick of wedding season which for most means honeymoons. I mean who doesn’t like honeymoons? I went on a honeymoon to Scarborough in the UK, yep totally exotic just like the Maldives (not).  So honeymoons is a hot hot topic now for Muslims and non Muslims alike. I know so many people are emailing me with their honey

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Istanbul for the Muslim Tourist (Vacations)

Istanbul remains one of the most diverse and enchanting cities in the world. The city was originally established by the Greeks 3000 years ago and has subsequently witnessed the rise and fall of many empires, including the Byzantine and Ottoman. Even within the relatively short history of the modern Turkish republic, the city has undergone a significant transformation. The secularism introduced b

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40 Amazing Mosques from Around the World (Mosques)

In addition to being houses of worship, mosques can often reflect the creativity and culture of the local population. For the Muslim traveler many mosques are a destination in themselves. Listed below are some of the most striking mosques from around the world, some notable for their architecture and others for their unique location or historical significance.   View Comments

Be Well Prepared before you embark on Hajj (Vacations)

Performing the hajj is the obligatory duty of every Muslim irrespective of age, gender or the location. If you have decided that the time has come for you to embark on this most religious and spiritually uplifting journey then it is better that you prepare yourself well in advance. There might be many travel guides that you might think would be helpful to you in preparing you for your journey but

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Top 5 Travel Apps (Vacations)


Travel planning is difficult, particularly as a Muslim. Fortunately, there are now a host of apps that make the process a lot easier for the Muslim traveler. Listed below are our favorite apps, designed to minimize the stress and hassle of travel.

1. Guidance.
This prayer time app is available for the iPhone, providing worldwide prayer times, qibla

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Aga Khan Museum (Attractions)

Toronto is one of the most Muslim friendly cities in the West. There are a large number of mosques and halal restaurants. The new Aga Khan museum opened in September, showcasing the "artistic, intellectual, and scientific heritage of Islamic civilizations". This is housed in a beautiful building. Unfortunately, it is quite some distance from downtown, but worth the trek. See https://www.aga

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Little Mosque in the Outback (Mosques)

The Islamic Centre in Alice Springs, Australia, is the oldest mosque in the country. This was originally built by camel herders brought from Afghanistan almost 150 years ago and is still known as the Afghan mosque. The British rulers at the time realized that the harsh desert climate of the red centre was difficult to negotiate without the use of camels and therefore transported both camels and h

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